gambhira-vego ’nimisam
jyotisam cakram ahitam
yasmin bhramati kauravya
medhyam iva gavam ganah
gambhira-vegah—with great force and speed; animisam—unceasingly; jyotisam—of luminaries; cakram—sphere; ahitam—connected; yasmin—around which; bhramati—encircles; kauravya—O Vidura; medhyam—a central pole; iva—as; gavam—of bulls; ganah—a herd.
Saint Maitreya continued: My dear Vidura, descendant of Kuru, as a herd of bulls circumambulates a central pole on their right side, all the luminaries within the universal sky unceasingly circumambulate the abode of Dhruva Maharaja with great force and speed.
Each and every planet within the universe travels at a very high speed. From a statement in Srimad-Bhagavatam it is understood that even the sun travels sixteen thousand miles in a second, and from Brahma-samhita we understand from the sloka, yac-caksur esa savita sakala-grahanam that the sun is considered to be the eye of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Govinda, and it also has a specific orbit within which it circles. Similarly, all other planets have their specific orbits. But together all of them encircle the polestar, or Dhruvaloka, where Dhruva Maharaja is situated at the summit of the three worlds. We can only imagine how highly exalted the actual position of a devotee is, and certainly we cannot even conceive how exalted is the position of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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