ity uttanapadah putro
dhruvah krsna-parayanah
abhut trayanam lokanam
cuda-manir ivamalah
iti—thus; uttanapadah—of Maharaja Uttanapada; putrah—the son; dhruvahDhruva Maharaja; krsna-parayanah—fully Krsna conscious; abhut—became; trayanam—of the three; lokanam—worlds; cuda-manih—the summit jewel; iva—like; amalah—purified.
In this way, the fully Krsna conscious Dhruva Maharaja, the exalted son of Maharaja Uttanapada, attained the summit of the three statuses of planetary systems.
The exact Sanskrit terminology for Krsna consciousness is here mentioned: krsna-parayanah. parayana means “going forward.” Anyone who is going forward to the goal of Krsna is called krsna-parayana, or fully Krsna conscious. The example of Dhruva Maharaja indicates that every Krsna conscious person can expect to reach the topmost summit of all three planetary systems within the universe. A Krsna conscious person can occupy an exalted position beyond the imagination of any ambitious materialist.

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