sunanda-nandav ucatuh
bho bho rajan subhadram te
vacam no vahitah srnu
yah panca-varsas tapasa
bhavan devam atitrpat
sunanda-nandau ucatuhSunanda and Nanda said; bhoh bhoh rajanO dear King; su-bhadramgood fortune; teunto you; vacamwords; nahour; avahitahattentively; srnuhear; yahwho; panca-varsahfive years old; tapasaby austerity; bhavanyou; devamthe Supreme Personality of Godhead; atitrpatgreatly satisfied.
Nanda and Sunanda, the two confidential associates of Lord Visnu, said: Dear King, let there be all good fortune unto you. Please attentively hear what we shall say. When you were only five years old, you underwent severe austerities, and you thereby greatly satisfied the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
What was possible for Dhruva Maharaja is possible for anyone. Any five-year-old child can be trained, and within a very short time his life will become successful by realization of Krsna consciousness. Unfortunately, this training is lacking all over the world. It is necessary for the leaders of the Krsna consciousness movement to start educational institutions in different parts of the world to train children, starting at the age of five years. Thus such children will not become hippies or spoiled children of society; rather, they can all become devotees of the Lord. The face of the world will then change automatically.

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