tais tigma-dharaih pradhane sili-mukhair
itas tatah punya-jana upadrutah
tam abhyadhavan kupita udayudhah
suparnam unnaddha-phana ivahayah
taihby those; tigma-dharaihwhich had a sharp point; pradhaneon the battlefield; sili-mukhaiharrows; itah tatahhere and there; punya-janahthe Yaksas; upadrutahbeing greatly agitated; tamtowards Dhruva Maharaja; abhyadhavanrushed; kupitahbeing angry; udayudhahwith upraised weapons; suparnamtowards Garuda; unnaddha-phanahwith upraised hoods; ivalike; ahayahserpents.
Those sharp arrows dismayed the enemy soldiers, who became almost unconscious, but various Yaksas on the battlefield, in a rage against Dhruva Maharaja, somehow or other collected their weapons and attacked. Just as serpents agitated by Garuda rush towards Garuda with upraised hoods, all the Yaksa soldiers prepared to overcome Dhruva Maharaja with their upraised weapons.

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