yah panca-varso jananim tvam vihaya
matuh sapatnya vacasa bhinna-marma
vanam gatas tapasa pratyag-aksam
aradhya lebhe murdhni padam tri-lokyah
yahone who; panca-varsahfive years old; jananimmother; tvamyou; vihayaleaving aside; matuhof the mother; sa-patnyahof the co-wife; vacasaby the words; bhinna-marmaaggrieved at heart; vanamto the forest; gatahwent; tapasaby austerity; pratyak-aksamthe Supreme Lord; aradhyaworshiping; lebheachieved; murdhnion the top; padamthe position; tri-lokyahof the three worlds.
My dear Dhruva, at the age of only five years you were very grievously afflicted by the words of your mothers co-wife, and you very boldly gave up the protection of your mother and went to the forest to engage in the yogic process for realization of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. As a result of this you have already achieved the topmost position in all the three worlds.
Manu was very proud that Dhruva Maharaja was one of the descendants in his family because at the age of only five years Dhruva began meditating upon the Supreme Personality of Godhead and within six months he was able to see the Supreme Lord face to face. Factually, Dhruva Maharaja is the glory of the Manu dynasty, or the human family. The human family begins from Manu. The Sanskrit word for man is manusya, which means descendant of Manu. Not only is Dhruva Maharaja the glory of the family of Svayambhuva Manu, but he is the glory of the entire human society. Because Dhruva Maharaja had already surrendered to the Supreme Godhead, he was especially requested not to do anything unbefitting a surrendered soul.

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