sa tvam harer anudhyatas
tat-pumsam api sammatah
katham tv avadyam krtavan
anusiksan satam vratam
sah—that person; tvam—you; hareh—by the Supreme Lord; anudhyatah—being always remembered; tat—His; pumsam—by the devotees; api—also; sammatah—esteemed; katham—why; tu—then; avadyam—abominable (act); krtavan—you have undertaken; anusiksan—setting the example; satam—of saintly persons; vratam—a vow.
Because you are a pure devotee of the Lord, the Lord is always thinking of you, and you are also recognized by all His confidential devotees. Your life is meant for exemplary behavior. I am therefore surprised—why have you undertaken such an abominable task?
Dhruva Maharaja was a pure devotee and was accustomed to always thinking of the Lord. Reciprocally, the Lord always thinks of those pure devotees who think of Him only, twenty-four hours a day. As a pure devotee does not know anything beyond the Lord, so the Lord does not know anything beyond His pure devotee. Svayambhuva Manu pointed out this fact to Dhruva Maharaja: “Not only are you a pure devotee, but you are recognized by all pure devotees of the Lord. You should always act in such an exemplary way that others may learn from you. Under the circumstances, it is surprising that you have killed so many faultless Yaksas.”

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