bhutavasam harim bhavan
aradhyapa duraradhyam
visnos tat paramam padam
sarva-bhutain all living entities; atmaupon the Supersoul; bhavenawith meditation; bhutaof all existence; avasamthe abode; harimLord Hari; bhavanyou; aradhyaby worshiping; apahave achieved; duraradhyamvery difficult to propitiate; visnohof Lord Visnu; tatthat; paramamsupreme; padamsituation.
It is very difficult to achieve the spiritual abode of Hari, in the Vaikuntha planets, but you are so fortunate that you are already destined to go to that abode by worshiping Him as the supreme abode of all living entities.
The material bodies of all living entities cannot exist unless sheltered by the spirit soul and the Supersoul. The spirit soul is dependent on the Supersoul, who is present even within the atom. Therefore, since anything, material or spiritual, is completely dependent on the Supreme Lord, the Supreme Lord is referred to here as bhutavasa. Dhruva Maharaja, as a ksatriya, could have argued with his grandfather, Manu, when Manu requested him to stop fighting. But even though Dhruva could have argued that as a ksatriya it was his duty to fight with the enemy, he was informed that since every living entity is a residence of the Supreme Lord and can be considered a temple of the Lord, the unnecessary killing of any living entity is not permitted.

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