auttanapadih sa tada
sastra-varsena bhurina
na evadrsyatacchanna
asarena yatha girih
auttanapadihDhruva Maharaja; sahhe; tadaat that time; sastra-varsenaby a shower of weapons; bhurinaincessant; nanot; evacertainly; adrsyatawas visible; acchannahbeing covered; asarenaby constant rainfall; yathaas; giriha mountain.
Dhruva Maharaja was completely covered by an incessant shower of weapons, just as a mountain is covered by incessant rainfall.
Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura points out in this connection that although Dhruva Maharaja was covered by the incessant arrows of the enemy, this does not mean that he succumbed in the battle. The example of a mountain peaks being covered by incessant rain is just suitable, for when a mountain is covered by incessant rain, all dirty things are washed from the body of the mountain. Similarly, the incessant shower of arrows from the enemy gave Dhruva Maharaja new vigor to defeat them. In other words, whatever incompetency he might have had was washed away.

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