cittis tv atharvaṇaḥ patnī
lebhe putraṁ dhṛta-vratam
dadhyañcam aśvaśirasaṁ
bhṛgor vaṁśaṁ nibodha me
cittiḥCitti; tu—also; atharvaṇaḥ—of Atharvā; patnī—wife; lebhe—got; putram—son; dhṛta-vratam—completely dedicated to a vow; dadhyañcam—Dadhyañca; aśvaśirasam—Aśvaśirā; bhṛgoḥ vaṁśam—generations of Bhṛgu; nibodha—try to understand; me—from me.
Citti, wife of the sage Atharvā, gave birth to a son named Aśvaśirā by accepting a great vow called Dadhyañca. Now you may hear from me about the descendants of the sage Bhṛgu.
The wife of Atharvā known as Citti is also known as Sānti. She was the eighth daughter of Kardama Muni.

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