citraketuh surocis ca
viraja mitra eva ca
ulbano vasubhrdyano
dyuman sakty-adayo ’pare
citraketuhCitraketu; surocih ca—and Suroci; virajahViraja; mitrahMitra; eva—also; ca—and; ulbanahUlbana; vasubhrdyanah—Vasubhrdyana; dyumanDyuman; sakti-adayah—sons headed by Sakti; apare—from his other wife.
The names of these seven sages are as follows: Citraketu, Suroci, Viraja, Mitra, Ulbana, Vasubhrdyana and Dyuman. Some other very competent sons were born from Vasistha’s other wife.
Urja, who is sometimes known as Arundhati and was the wife of Vasistha, was the ninth daughter of Kardama Muni.

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