nivitam amnaya-madhu-vrata-sriya
sva-kirti-mayya vana-malaya harim
suryendu-vayv-agny-agamam tri-dhamabhih
parikramat-pradhanikair durasadam
nivitam—so being enclosed; amnaya—Vedic wisdom; madhu-vrata-sriya—sweet sound in beauty; sva-kirti-mayya—by His own glories; vana-malaya—flower garland; harim—unto the Lord; surya—the sun; indu—the moon; vayu—the air; agni—the fire; agamam—unapproachable; tri-dhamabhih—by the three planetary systems; parikramat—circumambulating; pradhanikaih—for fighting; durasadam—very difficult to reach.
Lord Brahma, thus looking upon the Lord in the shape of a mountain, concluded that He was Hari, the Personality of Godhead. He saw that the garland of flowers on His chest glorified Him with Vedic wisdom in sweet songs and looked very beautiful. He was protected by the Sudarsana wheel for fighting, and even the sun, moon, air, fire, etc., could not have access to Him.

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