caracarauko bhagavan-mahidhram
ahindra-bandhum salilopagudham
avirbhavat kaustubha-ratna-garbham
cara—moving animals; acara—nonmoving trees; okah—the place or situation; bhagavat—the Personality of Godhead; mahidhram—the mountain; ahi-indra—Sri Anantadeva; bandhum—friend; salila—water; upagudham—submerged; kirita—helmets; sahasra—thousands; hiranya—gold; srngam—peaks; avirbhavat—manifested; kaustubha—the Kaustubha jewel; ratna-garbham—ocean.
Like a great mountain, the Lord stands as the abode for all moving and nonmoving living entities. He is the friend of the snakes because Lord Ananta is His friend. As a mountain has thousands of golden peas, so the Lord was seen with the thousands of golden-helmeted hoods of Ananta-naga; and as a mountain is sometimes filled with jewels, so also His transcendental body was fully decorated with valuable jewels. As a mountains is sometimes submerged in the ocean water, so the Lord is sometimes submerged in the water of devastation.

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