tamasy apare viduratma-sargam
vicinvato ’bhut sumahams tri-nemih
yo deha-bhajam bhayam irayanah
pariksinoty ayur ajasya hetih
tamasi apare—because of an ignorant way of searching; vidura—O Vidura; atma-sargam—the cause of his creation; vicinvatah—while contemplating; abhut—it so became; su-mahan—very great; tri-nemih—time of three dimensions; yah—which; deha-bhajam—of the embodied; bhayam—fearfulness; irayanah—generating; pariksinoti—diminishing the one hundred years; ayuh—duration of life; ajasya—of the self-born; hetih—the wheel of eternal time.
O Vidura, while searching in that way about his existence, Brahma reached his ultimate time, which is the eternal wheel in the hand of Visnu and which generates fear in the mind of the living entity like the fear of death.

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