upary adhas ca ye loka
bhumer mitratmajasate
tesam samstham pramanam ca
bhur-lokasya ca varnaya
upari—on the head; adhah—underneath; ca—also; ye—which; lokah—planets; bhumeh—of the earth; mitra-atmaja—O son of Mitra (Maitreya Muni); asate—do exist; tesam—their; samstham—situation; pramanam ca—also their measurement; bhuh-lokasya—of the earthly planets; ca—also; varnaya—please describe.
O son of Mitra, kindly describe how the planets are situated above the earth as well as underneath it, and also please mention their measurement as well as that of the earthly planets.
Yasmin vijnate sarvam evam vijnatam bhavati. This Vedic hymn declares emphatically that the devotee of the Lord knows everything material and spiritual in relationship with the Lord. Devotees are not simply emotional, as is ill conceived by certain less intelligent men. Their direction is practical. They know everything that is and all the details of the Lord’s domination over the different creations.

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