prajapatinam sa patis
caklpe kan prajapatin
sargams caivanusargams ca
manun manvantaradhipan
praja-patinam—of the demigods like Brahma and others; sah—he; patih—leader; caklpe—decided; kan—whomsoever; prajapatin—fathers of the living entities; sargan—generations; ca—also; eva—certainly; anusargan—later generations; ca—and; manun—the Manus; manvantara-adhipan—and the changes of such.
O learned brahmana, please describe how the leader of all the demigods, namely Prajapati, Brahma, decided to establish the various Manus, the heads of the ages. Please describe the Manus also, and please describe the descendants of those Manus.
The human race, or manusya-sara, descends from the Manus, sons and grandsons of the Prajapati, Brahma. The descendants of Manu reside in all the different planets and rule all the universe.

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