yat sanubandhe sati deha-gehe
mamaham ity udha-duragrahanam
pumsam suduram vasato pi puryam
bhajema tat te bhagavan padabjam
yatbecause; sa-anubandhedue to becoming entangled; asatithus being; dehathe gross material body; gehein the home; mamamine; ahamI; itithus; udhagreat, deep; duragrahanamundesirable eagerness; pumsamof persons; su-duramfar away; vasatahdwelling; apialthough; puryamwithin the body; bhajemalet us worship; tattherefore; teYour; bhagavanO Lord; pada-abjamlotus feet.
O Lord, persons who are entangled by undesirable eagerness for the temporary body and kinsmen, and who are bound by thoughts of mine and I, are unable to see Your lotus feet, although Your lotus feet are situated within their own bodies. But let us take shelter of Your lotus feet.
The whole Vedic philosophy of life is that one should get rid of the material encagement of gross and subtle bodies, which only cause one to continue in a condemned life of miseries. This material body continues as long as one is not detached from the false conception of lording it over material nature. The impetus for lording it over material nature is the sense of mine and I. I am the lord of all that I survey. So many things I possess, and I shall possess more and more. Who can be richer than I in wealth and education? I am the master, and I am God. Who else is there but me? All these ideas reflect the philosophy of aham mama, the conception that I am everything. Persons conducted by such a conception of life can never get liberation from material bondage. But even a person perpetually condemned to the miseries of material existence can get relief from bondage if he simply agrees to hear only krsna-katha. In this age of Kali, the process of hearing krsna-katha is the most effective means to gain release from unwanted family affection and thus find permanent freedom in life. The age of Kali is full of sinful reactions, and people are more and more addicted to the qualities of this age, but simply by hearing and chanting of krsna-katha one is sure to go back to Godhead. Therefore, people should be trained to hear only krsna-kathaby all meansin order to get relief from all miseries.

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