aham cokto bhagavata
prapannarti-harena ha
badarim tvam prayahiti
sva-kulam sanjihirsuna
aham—I; ca—and; uktah—was told; bhagavata—by the Supreme Lord; prapanna—of the surrendered; arti-harena—by He who is the vanquisher of the distresses; ha—indeed; badarim—to Badari; tvam—you; prayahi—should go; iti—thus; sva-kulam—His own family; sanjihirsuna—who desired to destroy.
The Lord is the vanquisher of the distresses of one who is surrendered unto Him. Thus He who desired to destroy His family told me previously to go to Badarikasrama.
While at Dvaraka, Uddhava was warned to avoid the distresses which were to follow the disappearance of the Lord and the destruction of the Yadu dynasty. He was advised to proceed to Badarikasrama because there he could associate with the devotees of Nara-Narayana, and in their association of devotional service he could increase his eagerness for chanting, hearing, knowledge and detachment.

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