jnanam param svatma-rahah-prakasam
provaca kasmai bhagavan samagram
api ksamam no grahanaya bhartar
vadanjasa yad vrjinam tarema
jnanam—knowledge; param—supreme; sva-atma—own self; rahah—mystery; prakasam—enlightening; provaca—said; kasmai—unto Ka (Brahmaji); bhagavan—the Personality of Godhead; samagram—in sum total; api—if so; ksamam—able; nah—unto me; grahanaya—acceptable; bhartah—O my Lord; vada—say; anjasa—in detail; yat—that which; vrjinam—miseries; tarema—can cross over.
My Lord, kindly explain to us, if You think us competent to receive it, that transcendental knowledge which gives enlightenment about Yourself and which You explained before to Brahmaji.
A pure devotee like Uddhava has no material afflictions because he engages constantly in the transcendental loving service of the Lord. A devotee feels afflicted without the association of the Lord. Constant remembrance of the Lordís activities keeps the devotee alive, and therefore Uddhava requested that the Lord please enlighten him with the knowledge of Srimad-Bhagavatam, as previously instructed to Brahmaji.

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