tasyas tad yoga-vidhuta-
martyam martyam abhut sarit
srotasam pravara saumya
siddhida siddha-sevita
tasyah—of Devahuti; tat—that; yoga—by yoga practice; vidhuta—relinquished; martyam—material elements; martyam—her mortal body; abhut—became; sarit—a river; srotasam—of all rivers; pravara—the foremost; saumya—O gentle Vidura; siddhi-da—conferring perfection; siddha—by persons desiring perfection; sevita—resorted to.
Dear Vidura, the material elements of her body have melted into water and are now a flowing river, which is the most sacred of all rivers. Anyone who bathes in that river also attains perfection, and therefore all persons who desire perfection go bathe there.

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