jatilan kutilalakan
atmanam cogra-tapasa
bibhrati cirinam krsam
abhiksnaagain and again; avagahaby bathing; kapisangray; jatilanmatted; kutilacurled; alakanhair; atmanamher body; caand; ugra-tapasaby severe austerities; bibhratibecame; cirinamclothed in rags; krsamthin.
She began to bathe three times daily, and thus her curling black hair gradually became gray. Due to austerity, her body gradually became thin, and she wore old garments.
It is the practice of the yogi, brahmacari, vanaprastha and sannyasi to bathe at least three times dailyearly in the morning, during noontime and in the evening. These principles are strictly followed even by some grhasthas, especially brahmanas, who are elevated in spiritual consciousness. Devahuti was a kings daughter and almost a kings wife also. Although Kardama Muni was not a king, by his yogic mystic power he accommodated Devahuti very comfortably in a nice palace with maidservants and all opulence. But since she had learned austerity even in the presence of her husband, there was no difficulty for her to be austere. Still, because her body underwent severe austerity after the departure of her husband and son, she became thin. To be too fat is not very good for spiritually advanced life. Rather, one should reduce because if one becomes fat it is an impediment to progress in spiritual understanding. One should be careful not to eat too much, sleep too much or remain in a comfortable position. Voluntarily accepting some penances and difficulties, one should take less food and less sleep. These are the procedures for practicing any kind of yoga, whether bhakti-yoga, jnana-yoga or hatha-yoga.

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