satyam saucam daya maunam
buddhih srir hrir yasah ksama
samo damo bhagas ceti
yat-sangad yati sanksayam
satyamtruthfulness; saucamcleanliness; dayamercy; maunamgravity; buddhihintelligence; srihprosperity; hrihshyness; yasahfame; ksamaforgiveness; samahcontrol of the mind; damahcontrol of the senses; bhagahfortune; caand; itithus; yat-sangatfrom association with whom; yati sanksayamare destroyed.
He becomes devoid of truthfulness, cleanliness, mercy, gravity, spiritual intelligence, shyness, austerity, fame, forgiveness, control of the mind, control of the senses, fortune and all such opportunities.
Those who are too addicted to sex life cannot understand the purpose of the Absolute Truth, nor can they be clean in their habits, not to mention showing mercy to others. They cannot remain grave, and they have no interest in the ultimate goal of life. The ultimate goal of life is Krsna, or Visnu, but those who are addicted to sex life cannot understand that their ultimate interest is Krsna consciousness. Such people have no sense of decency, and even in public streets or public parks they embrace each other just like cats and dogs and pass it off in the name of love-making. Such unfortunate creatures can never become materially prosperous. Behavior like that of cats and dogs keeps them in the position of cats and dogs. They cannot improve any material condition, not to speak of becoming famous. Such foolish persons may even make a show of so-called yoga, but they are unable to control the senses and mind, which is the real purpose of yoga practice. Such people can have no opulence in their lives. In a word, they are very unfortunate.

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