tudanty ama-tvacam damsa
masaka matkunadayah
rudantam vigata-jnanam
krmayah krmikam yatha
tudantithey bite; ama-tvacamthe baby, whose skin is soft; damsahgnats; masakahmosquitoes; matkunabugs; adayahand other creatures; rudantamcrying; vigatadeprived of; jnanamwisdom; krmayahworms; krmikama worm; yathajust as.
In his helpless condition, gnats, mosquitoes, bugs and other germs bite the baby, whose skin is tender, just as smaller worms bite a big worm. The child, deprived of his wisdom, cries bitterly.
The word vigata jnanam means that the spiritual knowledge which the child developed in the abdomen is already lost to the spell of maya. Owing to various kinds of disturbances and to being out of the abdomen, the child cannot remember what he was thinking of for his salvation. It is assumed that even if a person acquires some spiritually uplifting knowledge, circumstantially he is prone to forget it. Not only children but also elderly persons should be very careful to protect their sense of Krsna consciousness and avoid unfavorable circumstances so that they may not forget their prime duty.

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