sayito suci-paryanke
jantuh svedaja-dusite
nesah kanduyane nganam
sayitahlaid down; asuci-paryankeon a foul bed; jantuhthe child; sveda-jawith creatures born from sweat; dusiteinfested; na isahincapable of; kanduyanescratching; anganamhis limbs; asanasitting; utthanastanding; cestaneor moving.
Laid down on a foul bed infested with sweat and germs, the poor child is incapable of scratching his body to get relief from his itching sensation to say nothing of sitting up, standing or even moving.
It should be noted that the child is born crying and suffering. After birth the same suffering continues, and he cries. Because he is disturbed by the germs in his foul bed, which is contaminated by his urine and stool, the poor child continues to cry. He is unable to take any remedial measure for his relief.

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