kṣut-tṛṭ-parīto ’rka-davānalānilaiḥ
santapyamānaḥ pathi tapta-vāluke
kṛcchreṇa pṛṣṭhe kaśayā ca tāḍitaś
calaty aśakto ’pi nirāśramodake
kṣut-tṛṭ—by hunger and thirst; parītaḥ—afflicted; arka—sun; dava-anala—forest fires; anilaiḥ—by winds; santapyamānaḥ—being scorched; pathi—on a road; tapta-vāluke—of hot sand; kṛcchreṇa—painfully; pṛṣṭhe—on the back; kaśayā—with a whip; ca—and; tāḍitaḥ—beaten; calati—he moves; aśaktaḥ—unable; api—although; nirāśrama-udake—without shelter or water.
Under the scorching sun, the criminal has to pass through roads of hot sand with forest fires on both sides. He is whipped on the back by the constables because of his inability to walk, and he is afflicted by hunger and thirst, but unfortunately there is no drinking water, no shelter and no place for rest on the road.

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