tayor nirbhinna-hrdayas
tarjanair jata-vepathuh
pathi svabhir bhaksyamana
arto gham svam anusmaran
tayohof the Yamadutas; nirbhinnabroken; hrdayahhis heart; tarjanaihby the threatening; jataarisen; vepathuhtrembling; pathion the road; svabhihby dogs; bhaksyamanahbeing bitten; artahdistressed; aghamsins; svamhis; anusmaranremembering.
While carried by the constables of Yamaraja, he is overwhelmed and trembles in their hands. While passing on the road he is bitten by dogs, and he can remember the sinful activities of his life. He is thus terribly distressed.
It appears from this verse that while passing from this planet to the planet of Yamaraja, the culprit arrested by Yamarajas constables meets many dogs, which bark and bite just to remind him of his criminal activities of sense gratification. It is said in Bhagavad-gita that one becomes almost blind and is bereft of all sense when he is infuriated by the desire for sense gratification. He forgets everything. Kamais tais tair hrta jnanah [Bg. 7.20]. One is bereft of all intelligence when he is too attracted by sense gratification, and he forgets that he has to suffer the consequences also. Here the chance for recounting his activities of sense gratification is given by the dogs engaged by Yamaraja. While we live in the gross body, such activities of sense gratification are encouraged even by modern government regulations. In every state all over the world, such activities are encouraged by the government in the form of birth control. Women are supplied pills, and they are allowed to go to a clinical laboratory to get assistance for abortions. This is going on as a result of sense gratification. Actually sex life is meant for begetting a good child, but because people have no control over the senses and there is no institution to train them to control the senses, the poor fellows fall victim to the criminal offenses of sense gratification, and they are punished after death as described in these pages of Srimad-Bhagavatam.

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