darsaniyatamam santam
kancigirdle; gunaquality; ullasatbrilliant; sronimHis loins and hips; hrdayaheart; ambhojalotus; vistaramwhose seat; darsaniya-tamammost charming to look at; santamserene; manahminds, hearts; nayanaeyes; vardhanamgladdening.
His loins and hips encircled by a girdle, He stands on the lotus of His devotees heart. He is most charming to look at, and His serene aspect gladdens the eyes and souls of the devotees who behold Him.
The word darsaniyatamam, which is used in this verse, means that the Lord is so beautiful that the devotee-yogi does not wish to see anything else. His desire to see beautiful objects is completely satisfied by the sight of the Lord. In the material world we want to see beauty, but the desire is never satisfied. Because of material contamination, all the propensities we feel in the material world are ever unsatisfied. But when our desires to see, hear, touch, etc., are dovetailed for the satisfaction of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, they are on the level of the topmost perfection.
Although the Supreme Personality of Godhead in His eternal form is so beautiful and pleasing to the heart of the devotee, He does not attract the impersonalists, who want to meditate on His impersonal aspect. Such impersonal meditation is simply fruitless labor. The actual yogis, with half-closed eyes, fix on the form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, not upon anything void or impersonal.

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