ete hy abhyutthita deva
naivasyotthapane sakan
punar avivisuh khani
tam utthapayitum kramat
etethese; hiindeed; abhyutthitahmanifested; devahdemigods; nanot; evaat all; asyaof the virat-purusa; utthapanein waking; asakanwere able; punahagain; avivisuhthey entered; khanithe apertures of the body; tamHim; utthapayitumto awaken; kramatone after another.
When the demigods and presiding deities of the various senses were thus manifested, they wanted to wake their origin of appearance. But upon failing to do so, they reentered the body of the virat-purusa one after another in order to wake Him.
In order to wake the sleeping Deity-controller within, one has to rechannel the sense activities from concentration on the outside to concentration inside. In the following verses, the sense activities which are required to wake the virat-purusa will be explained very nicely.

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