manasas candrama jato
buddhir buddher giram patih
ahankaras tato rudras
cittam caityas tato ’bhavat
manasah—from the mind; candramah—the moon; jatah—appeared; buddhih—intelligence; buddheh—from intelligence; giram patih—the lord of speech (Brahma); ahankarah—false ego; tatah—then; rudrah—Lord Siva; cittam—consciousness; caityah—the deity presiding over consciousness; tatah—then; abhavat—appeared.
After the mind, the moon appeared. Intelligence appeared next, and after intelligence, Lord Brahma appeared. Then the false ego appeared and then Lord Siva, and after the appearance of Lord Siva came consciousness and the deity presiding over consciousness.
The moon appeared after the appearance of mind, and this indicates that the moon is the presiding deity of mind. Similarly, Lord Brahma, appearing after intelligence, is the presiding deity of intelligence, and Lord Siva, who appears after false ego, is the presiding deity of false ego. In other words, it is indicated that the moon-god is in the mode of goodness, whereas Lord Brahma is in the mode of passion and Lord Siva is in the mode of ignorance. The appearance of consciousness after the appearance of false ego indicates that, from the beginning, material consciousness is under the mode of ignorance and that one therefore has to purify himself by purifying his consciousness. This purificatory process is called Krsna consciousness. As soon as the consciousness is purified, the false ego disappears. Identification of the body with the self is called false identification, or false ego. Lord Caitanya confirms this in His Siksastaka. He states that the first result of chanting the maha-mantra, Hare Krsna, is that dirt is cleared from the consciousness, or the mirror of the mind, and then at once the blazing fire of material existence is over. The blazing fire of material existence is due to false ego, but as soon as the false ego is removed, one can understand his real identity. At that point he is actually liberated from the clutches of maya. As soon as one is freed from the clutches of false ego, his intelligence also becomes purified, and then his mind is always engaged upon the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead appeared on the full-moon day as Gauracandra, or the spotless transcendental moon. The material moon has spots on it, but on the transcendental moon, Gauracandra, there are no spots. In order to fix the purified mind in the service of the Supreme Lord, one has to worship the spotless moon, Gauracandra. Those who are materially passionate or those who want to exhibit their intelligence for material advancement in life are generally worshipers of Lord Brahma, and persons who are in the gross ignorance of identifying with the body worship Lord Siva. Materialists like Hiranyakasipu and Ravana are worshipers of Lord Brahma or Lord Siva, but Prahlada and other devotees in the service of Krsna consciousness worship the Supreme Lord, the Personality of Godhead.

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