retas tasmad apa asan
nirabhidyata vai gudam
gudad apano ’panac ca
mrtyur loka-bhayankarah
retah—semen; tasmat—from that; apah—the god who presides over the waters; asan—appeared; nirabhidyata—was manifested; vai—indeed; gudam—an anus; gudat—from the anus; apanah—the organ of defecation; apanat—from the organ of defecation; ca—and; mrtyuh—death; loka-bhayam-karah—causing fear throughout the universe.
After this, semen (the faculty of procreation) and the god who presides over the waters appeared. Next appeared an anus and then the organs of defecation and thereupon the god of death, who is feared throughout the universe.
It is understood herewith that the faculty to discharge semen is the cause of death. Therefore, yogis and transcendentalists who want to live for greater spans of life voluntarily restrain themselves from discharging semen. The more one can restrain the discharge of semen, the more one can be aloof from the problem of death. There are many yogis living up to three hundred or seven hundred years by this process, and in the Bhagavatam it is clearly stated that discharging semen is the cause of horrible death. The more one is addicted to sexual enjoyment, the more susceptible he is to a quick death.

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