nirbibheda virajas tvag-
roma-smasrv-adayas tatah
tata osadhayas casan
sisnam nirbibhide tatah
nirbibheda—appeared; virajah—of the universal form; tvak—skin; roma—hair; smasru—beard, mustache; adayah—and so on; tatah—then; tatah—thereupon; osadhayah—the herbs and drugs; ca—and; asan—appeared; sisnam—genitals; nirbibhide—appeared; tatah—after this.
Then the universal form of the Lord, the virat-purusa, manifested His skin, and thereupon the hair, mustache and beard appeared. After this all the herbs and drugs became manifested, and then His genitals also appeared.
The skin is the site of the touch sensation. The demigods who control the production of herbs and medicinal drugs are the deities presiding over the tactile sense.

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