kardama uvaca
tusto ham adya tava manavi manadayah
susrusaya paramaya paraya ca bhaktya
yo dehinam ayam ativa suhrt sa deho
naveksitah samucitah ksapitum mad-arthe
kardamah uvacathe great sage Kardama said; tustahpleased; ahamI am; adyatoday; tavawith you; manaviO daughter of Manu; mana-dayahwho are respectful; susrusayaby the service; paramayamost excellent; parayahighest; caand; bhaktyaby the devotion; yahthat which; dehinamto the embodied; ayamthis; ativaextremely; suhrtdear; sahthat; dehahbody; nanot; aveksitahtaken care of; samucitahproperly; ksapitumto expend; mat-artheon my account.
Kardama Muni said: O respectful daughter of Svayambhuva Manu, today I am very much pleased with you for your great devotion and most excellent loving service. Since the body is so dear to embodied beings, I am astonished that you have neglected your own body to use it on my behalf.
It is indicated here that ones body is very dear, yet Devahuti was so faithful to her husband that not only did she serve him with great devotion, service and respect, but she did not even care for her own health. That is called selfless service. It appears that Devahuti had no sense pleasure, even with her husband, otherwise she would not have deteriorated in health. Acting to facilitate Kardama Munis engagement in spiritual elevation, she continually assisted him, not caring for bodily comfort. It is the duty of a faithful and chaste wife to help her husband in every respect, especially when the husband is engaged in Krsna consciousness. In this case, the husband also amply rewarded the wife. This is not to be expected by a woman who is the wife of an ordinary person.

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