tasyam adhatta retas tam
bhavayann atmanatma-vit
nodha vidhaya rupam svam
sarva-sankalpa-vid vibhuh
tasyam—in her; adhatta—he deposited; retah—semen; tam—her; bhavayan—regarding; atmana—as half of himself; atma-vit—a knower of spirit soul; nodha—into nine; vidhaya—having divided; rupam—body; svam—his own; sarva-sankalpa-vit—the knower of all desires; vibhuh—the powerful Kardama.
The powerful Kardama Muni was the knower of everyone’s heart, and he could grant whatever one desired. Knowing the spiritual soul, he regarded her as half of his body. Dividing himself into nine forms, he impregnated Devahuti with nine discharges of semen.
Since Kardama Muni could understand that Devahuti wanted many children, at the first chance he begot nine children at one time. He is described here as vibhu, the most powerful master. By his yogic power he could at once produce nine daughters in the womb of Devahuti.

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