bhusanani parardhyani
variyamsi dyumanti ca
annam sarva-gunopetam
panam caivamrtasavam
bhusanani—ornaments; para-ardhyani—most valuable; variyamsi—very excellent; dyumanti—splendid; ca—and; annam—food; sarva-guna—all good qualities; upetam—containing; panam—beverages; ca—and; eva—also; amrta—sweet; asavam—intoxicating.
They then decorated her with very excellent and valuable jewels, which shone brightly. Next they offered her food containing all good qualities, and a sweet, inebriating drink called asavam.
Asavam is an Ayur-vedic medical preparation; it is not a liquor. It is especially made from drugs and is meant to improve metabolism for the healthy condition of the body.

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