sarva-kama-dugham divyam
mani-stambhair upaskrtam
sarvaall; kamadesires; dughamyielding; divyamwonderful; sarva-ratnaall sorts of jewels; samanvitambedecked with; sarvaall; rddhiof wealth; upacayaincrease; udarkamgradual; maniof precious stones; stambhaihwith pillars; upaskrtamadorned.
It was a wonderful structure, bedecked with all sorts of jewels, adorned with pillars of precious stones, and capable of yielding whatever one desired. It was equipped with every form of furniture and wealth, which tended to increase in the course of time.
The castle created in the sky by Kardama Muni may be called a castle in the air, but by his mystic power of yoga Kardama Muni actually constructed a huge castle in the air. To our feeble imagination, a castle in the sky is an impossibility, but if we scrutinizingly consider the matter we can understand that it is not impossible at all. If the Supreme Personality of Godhead can create so many planets, carrying millions of castles in the air, a perfect yogi like Kardama Muni can easily construct one castle in the air. The castle is described as sarva-kama-dugham, yielding whatever one desired. It was full of jewels. Even the pillars were made of pearls and valuable stones. These valuable jewels and stones were not subject to deterioration, but were everlastingly and increasingly opulent. We sometimes hear of castles thus bedecked on the surface of this earth also. The castles constructed by Lord Krsna for His lamplight during the night.

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