vraja-striyo drgbhir anupravrtta-
dhiyo ívatasthuh kila krtya-sesah
yasya—whose; anuraga—attachment; pluta—enhanced by; hasa—laughter; rasa—humors; lila—pastimes; avaloka—glancing; pratilabdha—obtained thereof; manah—anguished; vraja-striyah—damsels of Vraja; drgbhih—with the eyes; anupravrtta—following; dhiyah—by intelligence; avatasthuhsat silently; kila—indeed; krtya-sesah—without finishing household duties.
The damsels of Vraja, after pastimes of laughter, humor and exchanges of glances, were anguished when Krsna left them. They used to follow Him with their eyes, and thus they sat down with stunned intelligence and could not finish their household duties.
In His boyhood at Vrndavana, Lord Krsna was notorious as a teasing friend in transcendental love to all the girls His age. His love for them was so intense that there is no comparison to that ecstasy, and the damsels of Vraja were so much attached to Him that their affection excelled that of the great demigods like Brahma and Siva. Lord Krsna finally admitted His defeat before the transcendental affection of the gopis and declared that He was unable to repay them for their unalloyed affection. Although the gopis were seemingly anguished by the Lordís teasing behavior, when Krsna would leave them they could not tolerate the separation and used to follow Him with their eyes and minds. They were so stunned by the situation that they could not finish their household duties. No one could excel Him even in the dealing of love exchanged between boys and girls. It is said in the revealed scriptures that Lord Krsna personally never goes beyond the boundary of Vrndavana. He remains there eternally because of the transcendental love of the inhabitants. Thus even though He is not visible at present, He is not away from Vrndavana for a moment.

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