tam vyagra-cakram diti-putradhamena
sva-parsada-mukhyena visajjamanam
citra vaco ítad-vidam khe-caranam
tatra smasan svasti te ímum jahiti
tam—unto the Personality of Godhead; vyagra—revolving; cakram—whose discus; diti-putra—son of Diti; adhamena—vile; sva-parsada—of His associates; mukhyena—with the chief; visajjamanam—playing; citrah—various; vacah—expressions; a-tat-vidam—of those who did not know; khe-caranam—flying in the sky; tatra—there; sma asan—occurred; svasti—fortune; te—unto You; amum—him; jahi—please kill; iti—thus.
As the discus began to revolve in the Lordís hands and the Lord contended at close quarters with the chief of His Vaikuntha attendants, who had been born as Hiranyaksa, a vile son of Diti, there issued from every direction strange expressions uttered by those who were witnessing from airplanes. They had no knowledge of the Lordís reality, and they cried, ďMay victory attend You! Pray dispatch him. Play no more with him.Ē

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