athorudhāsṛjan māyāṁ
yoga-māyeśvare harau
yāṁ vilokya prajās trastā
menire ’syopasaṁyamam
atha—then; urudhā—in many ways; asṛjat—he cast; māyām—conjuring tricks; yoga-māyā-īśvare—the Lord of yogamāyā; harau—at Hari; yām—which; vilokya—after seeing; prajāḥ—the people; trastāḥ—fearful; menire—thought; asya—of this universe; upasaṁyamam—the dissolution.
The demon, however, employed many conjuring tricks against the Personality of Godhead, who is the Lord of yogamāyā. At the sight of this the people were filled with alarm and thought that the dissolution of the universe was near.
The fighting enjoyment of the Supreme Lord with His devotee, who had been converted into a demon, appeared severe enough to bring about the dissolution of the universe. This is the greatness of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; even the wavering of His little finger appears to be a great and very dangerous movement in the eyes of the inhabitants of the universe.

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