tenettham ahatah ksattar
bhagavan adi-sukarah
nakampata manak kvapi
sraja hata iva dvipah
tenaby Hiranyaksa; itthamthus; ahatahstruck; ksattahO Vidura; bhagavanthe Supreme Personality of Godhead; adi-sukarahthe first boar; na akampatadid not feel quaking; manakeven slightly; kva apianywhere; srajaby a garland of flowers; hatahstruck; ivaas; dvipahan elephant.
Hit in this manner by the demon, O Vidura, the Lord, who had appeared as the first boar, did not feel the least quaking in any part of His body, any more than an elephant would when struck with a wreath of flowers.
As previously explained, the demon was originally a servitor of the Lord in Vaikuntha, but somehow or other he fell as a demon. His fight with the Supreme Lord was meant for his liberation. The Lord enjoyed the striking on His transcendental body, just like a fully grown-up father fighting with his child. Sometimes a father takes pleasure in having a mock fight with his small child, and similarly the Lord felt Hiranyaksas striking on His body to be like flowers offered for worship. In other words, the Lord desired to fight in order to enjoy His transcendental bliss; therefore He enjoyed the attack.

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