tam viram arad abhipadya vismayah
sayisyase vira-saye svabhir vrtah
yas tvad-vidhanam asatam prasantaye
rupani dhatte sad-anugrahecchaya
tam—Him; viram—the great hero; arat—quickly; abhipadya—on reaching; vismayah—rid of pride; sayisyase—you will lie down; virasaye—on the battlefield; svabhih—by dogs; vrtah—surrounded; yah—He who; tvat-vidhanam—like you; asatam—of wicked persons; prasantaye—for the extermination; rupani—forms; dhatte—He assumes; sat—to the virtuous; anugraha—to show His grace; icchaya—with a desire.
Varuna continued: On reaching Him you will be rid of your pride at once and will lie down on the field of battle, surrounded by dogs, for eternal sleep. It is in order to exterminate wicked fellows like you and to show His grace to the virtuous that He assumes His various incarnations like Varaha.
Asuras do not know that their bodies consist of the five elements of material nature and that when they fall they become objects of pastimes for dogs and vultures. Varuna advised Hiranyaksa to meet Visnu in His boar incarnation so that his hankering for aggressive war would be satisfied and his powerful body would be vanquished.
Thus end the Bhaktivedanta purports of the Third Canto, Seventeenth Chapter, of the Srimad-Bhagavatam, entitled “Victory of Hiranyaksa Over All the Directions of the Universe.”

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