pasyami nanyam purusat puratanad
yah samyuge tvam rana-marga-kovidam
aradhayisyaty asurarsabhehi tam
manasvino yam grnate bhavadrsah
pasyamiI see; nanot; anyamother; purusatthan the person; puratanatmost ancient; yahwho; samyugein battle; tvamto you; rana-margain the tactics of war; kovidamvery much skilled; aradhayisyatiwill give satisfaction; asura-rsabhaO chief of the asuras; ihiapproach; tamHim; manasvinahheroes; yamwhom; grnatepraise; bhavadrsahlike you.
You are so skilled in war that I do not see anyone else but the most ancient person, Lord Visnu, who can give satisfaction in battle to you. Therefore, O chief of the asuras, approach Him, whom even heroes like you mention with praise.
Aggressive materialistic warriors are actually punished by the Supreme Lord for their policy of unnecessarily disturbing world peace. Therefore Varuna advised Hiranyaksa that the right course to satisfy his fighting spirit would be to seek to fight with Visnu.

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