te yoga-mayayarabdha-
procuh pranjalayo viprah
prahrstah ksubhita-tvacah
te—those; yoga-mayaya—through His internal potency; arabdha—had been revealed; paramesthya—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; maha-udayam—multiglories; procuh—spoke; pranjalayah—with folded hands; viprah—the four brahmanas; prahrstah—extremely delighted; ksubhita-tvacah—hair standing on end.
The four brahmana sages were nevertheless extremely delighted to behold Him, and they experienced a thrill throughout their bodies. They then spoke as follows to the Lord, who had revealed the multiglories of the Supreme Personality through His internal potency, yogamaya.
The sages were almost too puzzled to speak before the Supreme Personality of Godhead for the first time, and the hairs of their bodies stood erect due to their extreme joy. The highest opulence in the material world is called paramesthya, the opulence of Brahma. But that material opulence of Brahma, who lives on the topmost planet within this material world, cannot compare to the opulence of the Supreme Lord because the transcendental opulence in the spiritual world is caused by yogamaya, whereas the opulence in the material world is caused by mahamaya.

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