loke tenahataloke
loka-pala hataujasah
nyavedayan visva-srje
dhvanta-vyatikaram disam
loke—within this universe; tena—by the force of the pregnancy of Diti; ahata—being devoid of; aloke—light; loka-palah—the demigods of various planets; hata-ojasah—whose prowess was diminished; nyavedayan—asked; visva-srjeBrahma; dhvanta-vyatikaram—expansion of darkness; disam—in all directions.
By the force of the pregnancy of Diti, the light of the sun and moon was impaired in all the planets, and the demigods of various planets, being disturbed by that force, asked the creator of the universe, Brahma, “What is this expansion of darkness in all directions?”
It appears from this verse of Srimad-Bhagavatam that the sun is the source of light for all the planets in the universe. The modern scientific theory which states that there are many suns in each universe is not supported by this verse. It is understood that in each universe there is only one sun, which supplies light to all the planets. In Bhagavad-gita the moon is also stated to be one of the stars. There are many stars, and when we see them glittering at night we can understand that they are reflectors of light; just as moonlight is a reflection of sunlight, other planets also reflect sunlight, and there are many other planets which cannot be seen by our naked eyes. The demoniac influence of the sons in the womb of Diti expanded darkness throughout the universe.

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