istvagni-jihvam payasa
purusam yajusam patim
nimlocaty arka asinam
agny-agare samahitam
istvaafter worshiping; agnifire; jihvamtongue; payasaby oblation; purusamunto the Supreme Person; yajusamof all sacrifices; patimmaster; nimlocatiwhile setting; arkethe sun; asinamsitting; agni-agarein the sacrificial hall; samahitamcompletely in trance.
The sun was setting, and the sage was sitting in trance after offering oblations to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Visnu, whose tongue is the sacrificial fire.
Fire is considered to be the tongue of the Personality of Godhead Visnu, and oblations of grains and clarified butter offered to the fire are thus accepted by Him. That is the principle of all sacrifices, of which Lord Visnu is the master. In other words, the satisfaction of Lord Visnu includes the satisfaction of all demigods and other living beings.

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