sraddadhanaya bhaktaya
bruhi taj-janma-vistaram
rse na trpyati manah
param kautuhalam hi me
sraddadhanayaunto a faithful person; bhaktayaunto a devotee; bruhiplease narrate; tatHis; janmaappearance; vistaramin detail; rseO great sage; nanot; trpyatibecome satisfied; manahmind; paramvery much; kautuhalaminquisitive; hicertainly; memy.
My mind has become very inquisitive, and therefore I am not satisfied with hearing the narration of the Lords appearance. Please, therefore, speak more and more to a devotee who is faithful.
One who is actually faithful and inquisitive is qualified to hear the transcendental pastimes of the appearance and disappearance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Vidura was a suitable candidate to receive such transcendental messages.

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