bhartary aptorumananam
lokan avisate yasah
patir bhavad-vidho yasam
prajaya nanu jayate
bhartari—by the husband; apta-urumananam—of those who are beloved; lokan—in the world; avisate—spreads; yasah—fame; patih—husband; bhavat-vidhah—like your good self; yasam—of those whose; prajaya—by children; nanu—certainly; jayate—expands.
A woman is honored in the world by the benediction of her husband, and a husband like you will become famous by having children because you are meant for the expansion of living entities.
According to Rsabhadeva, one should not become a father or mother unless one is confident that he can beget children whom he can deliver from the clutches of birth and death. Human life is the only opportunity to get out of the material scene, which is full of the miseries of birth, death, old age and diseases. Every human being should be given the opportunity to take advantage of his human form of life, and a father like Kasyapa is supposed to beget good children for the purpose of liberation.

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