khuraih ksuraprair darayams tad apa
utpara-param tri-paru rasayam
dadarsa gam tatra susupsur agre
yam jiva-dhanim svayam abhyadhatta
khuraihby the hooves; ksurapraihcompared to a sharp weapon; darayanpenetrating; tatthat; apahwater; utpara-paramfound the limitation of the unlimited; tri-paruhthe master of all sacrifices; rasayamwithin the water; dadarsafound; gamthe earth; tatrathere; susupsuhlying; agrein the beginning; yamwhom; jiva-dhanimthe resting place for all living entities; svayampersonally; abhyadhattauplifted.
Lord Boar penetrated the water with His hooves, which were like sharp arrows, and found the limits of the ocean, although it was unlimited. He saw the earth, the resting place for all living beings, lying as it was in the beginning of creation, and He personally lifted it.
The word rasayam is sometimes interpreted to mean Rasatala, the lowest planetary system, but that is not applicable in this connection, according to Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura. The earth is seven times superior to the other planetary systems, namely Tala, Atala, Talatala, Vitala, Rasatala, Patala, etc. Therefore the earth cannot be situated in the Rasatala planetary system. It is described in the Visnu-dharma:
vinyasya padau prthivim ca bibhratah
yasyopamano na babhuva so cyuto
mamastu mangalya-vivrddhaye harih
Therefore the Lord found the earth on the bottom of the Garbhodaka Ocean, where the planets rest during the devastation at the end of Brahmas day.

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