sa vajra-kutanga-nipata-vega-
visirna-kuksih stanayann udanvan
utsrsta-dirghormi-bhujair ivartas
cukrosa yajnesvara pahi meti
sahthat; vajra-kuta-angabody like a great mountain; nipata-vegathe force of diving; visirnabifurcating; kuksihthe middle portion; stanayanresounding like; udanvanthe ocean; utsrstacreating; dirghahigh; urmiwaves; bhujaihby the arms; iva artahlike a distressed person; cukrosaprayed loudly; yajna-isvaraO master of all sacrifices; pahiplease protect; maunto me; itithus.
Diving into the water like a giant mountain, Lord Boar divided the middle of the ocean, and two high waves appeared as the arms of the ocean, which cried loudly as if praying to the Lord, O Lord of all sacrifices, please do not cut me in two! Kindly give me protection!
Even the great ocean was perturbed by the falling of the mountainlike body of the transcendental boar, and it appeared to be frightened, as if death were imminent.

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