brahmanam harsayam asa
haris tams ca dvijottaman
sva-garjitena kakubhah
pratisvanayata vibhuh
brahmanam—unto Brahma; harsayam asa—enlivened; harih—the Personality of Godhead; tan—all of them; ca—also; dvija-uttaman—highly elevated brahmanas; sva-garjitena—by His uncommon voice; kakubhah—all directions; pratisvanayata—which echoed; vibhuh—the omnipotent.
The omnipotent Supreme Personality of Godhead enlivened Brahma and the other highly elevated brahmanas by again roaring with His uncommon voice, which echoed in all directions.
Brahma and other enlightened brahmanas who know the Supreme Personality of Godhead are enlivened by the appearance of the Lord in any of His multi-incarnations. The appearance of the wonderful and gigantic incarnation of Visnu as the mountainlike boar did not fill them with any kind of fear, although the Lord’s resounding voice was tumultuous and echoed horribly in all directions as an open threat to all demons who might challenge His omnipotency.

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