akutim rucaye pradat
kardamaya tu madhyamam
daksayadat prasutim ca
yata apuritam jagat
akutim—the daughter named Akuti; rucaye—unto the sage Ruci; pradat—handed over; kardamaya—unto the sage Kardama; tu—but; madhyamam—the middle one (Devahuti); daksaya—unto Daksa; adat—handed over; prasutim—the youngest daughter; ca—also; yatah—wherefrom; apuritam—is fulfilled; jagat—the whole world.
The father, Manu, handed over his first daughter, Akuti, to the sage Ruci, the middle daughter, Devahuti, to the sage Kardama, and the youngest, Prasuti, to Daksa. From them, all the world filled with population.
The history of the creation of the population of the universe is given herewith. Brahma is the original living creature in the universe, from whom were generated the Manu Svayambhuva and his wife Satarupa. From Manu, two sons and three daughters were born, and from them all the population in different planets has sprung up until now. Therefore, Brahma is known as the grandfather of everyone, and the Personality of Godhead, being the father of Brahma, is known as the great-grandfather of all living beings. This is confirmed in Bhagavad-gita (11.39) as follows:
vayur yamo ’gnir varunah sasankah
prajapatis tvam prapitamahas ca
namo namas te ’stu sahasra-krtvah
punas ca bhuyo ’pi namo namas te
“You are the Lord of air, the supreme justice Yama, the fire, and the Lord of rains. You are the moon, and You are the great-grandfather. Therefore I offer my respectful obeisances unto You again and again.”
Thus end the Bhaktivedanta purports of the Third Canto, Twelfth Chapter, of the Srimad-Bhagavatam, entitled “Creation of the Kumaras and Others.”

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