tejiyasam api hy etan
na suslokyam jagad-guro
yad-vrttam anutisthan vai
lokah ksemaya kalpate
tejiyasam—of the most powerful; api—also; hi—certainly; etat—such an act; na—not suitable; su-slokyam—good behavior; jagat-guro—O spiritual master of the universe; yat—whose; vrttam—character; anutisthan—following; vai—certainly; lokah—the world; ksemaya—for prosperity; kalpate—becomes eligible.
Even though you are the most powerful being, this act does not suit you because your character is followed for spiritual improvement by people in general.
It is said that a supremely powerful living entity can do anything and everything he likes and such acts do not affect him in any way. For example, the sun, the most powerful fiery planet in the universe, can evaporate water from anywhere and still remain as powerful. The sun evaporates water from filthy places and yet is not infected with the quality of the filth. Similarly, Brahma remains unimpeachable in all conditions. But still, since he is the spiritual master of all living entities, his behavior and character should be so ideal that people will follow such sublime behavior and derive the highest spiritual benefit. Therefore, he should not have acted as he did.

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